Become an activist

Become an activist


The activists are the helping people of Knudepunkt. We are the people who – among other things – make sure that organizers don’t burn out, and that every meal is served with a smile!
We are the are cogwheels of the Knudepunkt machine and we want you!

You should become an activist if…
  • You are a first-time Knudepunkt participant.  This is an awesome way to get into the playground
  • You want to meet new playmates while preparing a cool experience for others
  • You like to balance helping out with breaks to focus on this year’s exciting content
  • You’d like to join the crew and work behind the scenes of Knudepunkt
  • To reap the endless gratitude of your fellow KP-goers 
What do I sign up for?

Expect to work around 16 hours during Knudepunkt 2023 — you’ll still have plenty of time to experience other stuff.

As an activist you will pay 500 DKK for a ticket (incl. accommodation at the budget ticket level)