A Week In – Copenhagen

A Week In – Copenhagen


This year A Week In will be held in Copenhagen from May 14th till May 18th at Valby Kulturhus!

A Week in Copenhagen is a warp up event for Knudepunkt, where you can see friends from Copenhagen, go sightseeing or experience the local larp culture in and around Copenhagen! This year we will have some larps, talk and lots of different activities prepared for you. The Edu-Larp Conference will also be held on May 17th during A Week in Copenhagen, here you will be able to participate in events and listen to talks all about educational larps.

A Week in Copenhagens main goal is to have a more chill space, where you are able to slowly warm up for Knudepunkt before being surrounded by hundreds of people.

If you are interested in A Week in Copenhagen you can find more info in our Facebook group and our coming event site. We hope to see you there!