Accessibility at KP23

Accessibility at KP23


We are working to make KP23 as accessible as possible – in as many ways as possible.

While this is the case, we are aware that we may have unconscious biases, as well as a lack of knowledge and personal experience in certain areas. Therefore we would like to invite you to contact us at if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility at KP23.

Together we can do our best to accommodate our many and different participants.


  • The main location, Vejen Idrætscenter, is wheelchair friendly. It is being used for both paralympic and local disability activities, and is therefore already easily accessible. If we encounter any challenges in this regard, we will work to solve it.
  • The main location and the sleeping locations are not in the same building.
  • The distance from the main location to the hotel is approximately 350m, on paved roads.
  • The distance from the main location to the hostel is approximately 150m, on paved roads.
  • The distance from the main location to the dorms is approximately 700m, on paved roads.
  • The main location, the hotel, and the hostel are wheelchair friendly, but we cannot guarantee wheelchair accessibility for the dorms.


  • All sleeping locations will be quiet zones, meaning no partying, music or drinking alcohol there. For more information on sleeping arrangements read here.
  • The dorms will be shared by up to 15 people. We advise you to bring earplugs.
  • The main location is big and parts of it can be noisy. There will be a designated silent room for participants needing a break from auditory stimuli and/or preferring a moment to themselves.
  • We will encourage participants to refrain from clapping and instead show their appreciation in a way accommodating those hard of hearing and/or sound sensitive.

Food and drink

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served at the main location.
  • The food will be vegetarian, leaning vegan.
  • Snacks and alternative food options can be purchased at the kiosk and café at the main location.
  • The bar will serve both alcohol and non-alcoholic alternatives.
  • Activities specifically intended for sober participants will be marked in the program.


  • The hotel and hostel rooms (standard, standard+, and double room tickets) have private showers.
  • For participants staying in the dorms, there will be shared showers at the main location. We will make a plan and schedule accommodating different genders and needs.