Vision for content at KP23

Vision for content at KP23

We want Knudepunkt 2023 to be a wonderful playground that is built in cooperation with you and other imaginative content contributors from across our community. Our goal is to create an event where content in many shapes and sizes can mesh together to create an unique experience that inspires and encourages playfulness among all participants.

We are committed to making it as easy as possible to contribute content at Knudepunkt 2023. We aim to create materials that will guide content creators and hopefully make their work easier. The KP23 venue offers a range of different rooms and spaces that we hope you will use to the fullest.

At Knudepunkt 2023 there is room for many different types of content. We want to create an event where there is room for inspiring conversations, innovative workshops, academic and funny presentations, an event where both high and low intensity content can coexist, and an event where you can experience thoughtful conversations and mindless dancing in the same space.

We have chosen to explore sustainability at Knudepunkt 2023. We want to encourage content that focuses on sustainability in our community. We understand sustainability to include the following dimensions:

  1. Climate, reflecting carbon footprint
  2. Organizer and volunteer resources
  3. Inclusion of all identities, including economic accessibility

We hope that you will reflect on these dimensions to inspire conversations about sustainability.

No matter why you are at KP23, we want you to feel engaged and included and we are looking forward to creating this magical experience together with all of you!

You can read more about how to contribute here, about our formats and tags here, and about the venues and resources available for content hosts here