Formats and tags

Formats and tags


Knudepunkt hosts a plethora of different types of content. These usually fall under a number of broad categories which we call formats. Formats are the guidelines which we use to understand and sort the content. Content creators are encouraged to use these formats as inspiration when responding to the call for content, but are not bound by them. You can link different content items together or create unusual hybrid formats.


  • Conversation: This format is defined by conversation. Conversations often present different views on a subject and put them up against each other. Everything from a stacked panel debate to an intimate discussion between two parties fall under this format. Audiences can be engaged to join in with their own insights.
  • Presentation: This format has a lot in common with a lecture or the famous TED talks. One or more speakers present a subject without much interference. At the end they might take questions from the audience or they might do this throughout the presentation. Presentations can cover a wide range of topics and is ideal for leading into associated content items such as conversations or workshops.
  • Workshop: Workshops focus on active participation from everyone present. Workshops can both be about co-creation and shared exploration of different themes as well as teaching of specific methods or skill sets.
  • Drop-in: This format is for longer content items with repeating elements, which allows participants to drop-in and out without missing anything.
    Drop-In items can range from a campfire singalong session to a larp photo exhibition.
  • One Hour Room Party: One Hour Room Parties (with or without alcohol) is 45 minutes of theme party. At KP23 they will be held ONLY in our One Hour Party Rooms (™) at the main location or outside in our One Hour Party Tents (™) and will be advertised in the official schedule. Room parties often have strong themes such as pop culture, historical eras, country representations or interest groups. Hosts should bring what they need for the party apart from a sound system, which will be available in the rooms.
  • Larps: This format is for games of the social and roleplaying kind. Larps should last no more than 3 hours and accommodate at least 8 players. Please look at the list of resources, venues and support we can offer before signing up to run a larp.


We are introducing tags as a new system to help orient participants about content. They are meant to help you quickly figure out what experience to expect at different content items and what will be expected from you when participating. 

We will be using the following tags: 

#Outdoor. This content item takes place at one of the outdoor venues.

#AlcoholPresent. It is fine to bring alcohol to this content item.

#SoberEvent. It is not fine to be drunk or bring alcohol to this content item. Even if it takes place in the evening.

#PhysicalParticipation. You should expect to participate physically at this content item.

#VerbalParticipation. You should expect to participate verbally at this content item.

#PassiveParticipation. You won’t be expected to participate actively at this content item.

#TriggerWarnings. You should read the description of this content item before participating, to avoid possible triggers.