Guide to the Sustainable Participant

Guide to the Sustainable Participant

Knudepunkt is a place of connections, exploring, creation and discussions: We want to be dead serious and playfully creative at the same time. It is a diverse melting pot, of people of (almost) all ages, identities, beliefs and traditions. Knudepunkt is also a place of imagining other worlds and brighter futures and with a wish for making them real.

Knudepunkt is a space that we create together – as participants, volunteers, organizers and larping community. We believe that sustainable change in our community will happen through individual and collective change. Therefore we want to encourage sustainable participation at Knudepunkt 2023 across our three dimensions of sustainability

Minimizing climate impact 

Most direct emissions from an event like Knudepunkt are driven by design choices. We do need your help in a few areas however in order to minimize the carbon footprint of KP23. One of these is participants’ transportation to and from the event, being responsible for 80-90% of the total emissions.

  • Take the train or bus if possible. Use our Travel Guide and share car rides. We know that participants traveling by plane have the largest carbon impact across KP23. If you cannot avoid that, please consider limiting your amount of layovers.
  • Bring your own sleeping gear if you are staying in a dorm. We want to minimize the amount of mattresses and bed sheets that we rent or have to buy and save the ones we can rent for participants who have traveled far. 
  • Sort your waste during the event by following the guidelines on location. 
  • Be mindful of costumes and props for the party on Saturday. Borrow, re-use or rent if possible and bring bioglitter instead of plastic, if you need to shine. 
Supporting social sustainability, diversity, and inclusion

It’s not always easy being in a new place, or meeting a lot of new people at once. To make it a little easier for everyone, we have listed some suggestions for things you can do to help each other have a good time at Knudepunkt.

  • Speak English during Knudepunkt, even though it can be tempting to speak your native language with people you know from your own community. English is helping foreigners to jump in and join the conversation.
  • Introduce people to each other, to help everyone feel welcome and connected.
  • Welcoming newcomers into a conversation and bringing them up to speed on the topics raised also makes it easier for them to contribute to the discussion.
  • Open chair. We encourage you to have an open chair at the table, or an open space in a circle of people talking, for people who would like to join the conversation. Seeing that a chair is available signals that the discussion is open, and that you are encouraging others to join in.
  • Assume the best when it comes to the other participants, and try to cut each other some slack. Not everyone comes from the same shared knowledge base or social framework. Use social slips or miscommunication as an opportunity to clarify, or to share knowledge in a respectful way!
  • Be respectful towards others. Be considerate with what you say, and bear in mind the perspectives of the listeners.
Listen to your fellow participants
  • When in disagreement, try to listen to the other party. Misunderstandings and mistakes are unavoidable, but luckily we can correct them if we listen to each other – and please ask questions. If you don’t know about the specific concepts or haven’t heard about the specific larps that are discussed; please ask about it. Most people will be more than happy to explain!
  • Pay attention to the personal boundaries of the people you are interacting with, and listen to what they are telling you. Remember that yes means yes, no means no, and “maybe some other time” also means no. When in doubt, always ask.
  • Take no for an answer (this goes for everything from intimate encounters to simple social requests). Always accept if a person wishes to leave a place or a situation.
  • Change your behavior if you are told that your words or actions feel like harassment, or are making someone unsafe. We trust that everyone participating at Knudepunkt cares for each other, and do not generally seek to harm others
Need help?

There are several ways to reach out if you feel down, lonely or distressed.

  • For practical concerns, please contact our info desk.
  • For social issues, and if you need someone to talk to, please reach out to our community hosts.
Taking care of our volunteers 

Knudepunkt and the larping community are largely based on volunteers donating their time and energy to creating wonderful experiences. Preserving these resources is key to a sustainable larping and KP-community for the years to come.

All organizers of KP23 are volunteers. Nonetheless they are striving for a high degree of professionalism. We would like to encourage all participants to remember this in their meeting with organizers, activists and helpers before, during and after the event. 

To make sure we continue to have volunteers and organizers stepping up to create this amazing event in the future, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Only contact the organizers through our official email. We want you to refrain from asking friends, acquaintances or other connections you might have with organizers privately. 
  • Please take your issues, worries or concerns directly to us. What goes on in closed forums, private conversations or online is outside our reach. We are here to help as best as we can, but we can’t act on problems we don’t know about. 
  • Contact the info desk, if any issues arise during Knudepunkt. 
  • We really want your feedback, but not when we are in the middle of the event. Write down all thoughts and ideas, and send them to us afterwards – it’s very appreciated! 
  • We can’t always give you an answer straight away, but we will do our very best to get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • We are held accountable for what happens at the conference. If something breaks, that is very okay, it happens – but we would really like to know.