How to contribute

How to contribute

Pitch your idea for a content item here!

Submitting your ideas for this year’s content should follow our standard procedure and be done through our pitch form.

Before you fill out the pitch form, we advise you to read the different pages describing our vision for content, our suggestions for formats (and our tags) and which venues, resources and other support we can offer you. You find the pitch form here when our call for content opens.

First, you fill out the pitch form, providing as much information about your idea as possible.
We will review your idea and assign a contact person (a member of the content group).
Depending on the readiness of your idea, we will help you finalize and describe it.
All communication related to your idea will be via email.
If you are interested in support for designing and planning your content item, we will invite you to different coaching activities.

How does selection of content items work? 

To balance our needs of ensuring a broad representation on subjects, formats and hosts we will choose part of the content after two separate deadlines. These are:

  • February 7th
  • March 28th

If your idea doesn’t make it into one round, we will keep it for the next one. However, you are not ensured a spot until we notify you that your item has been accepted and published. 

This means that the sooner you pitch, the greater your chance of making it. And the absolute final deadline for pitching is 28th of March 2023.

Please note that to allow participants to be inspired and spontaneous we will try to minimize the number of content items with pre-sign up and will prioritize items with no pre-signup. 

You find the pitch form here when our call for content opens. (Please note, you need to have bought a ticket for Knudepunkt 2023 to host a content item.)

Pitch your idea for a content item here!