Resources for content

Resources for content


The KP23 venue offers a range of different rooms and spaces for you to host your content in. Feel free to let us know if you prefer specific venues for your content, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. 

Check out the 360-tour at the venue’s website (only available in Danish.) Please contact if you have any questions regarding venues.

KP23 Open Stage

At the heart of the venue, you will find the Open Stage hosting content for large audiences. The stage is equipped with both lights, sound and video.

Conference rooms

The main venue provides five conference rooms with audio and video equipment. The rooms fit between 10 and 200 participants in various seating arrangements. Furthermore, we have eight conference rooms and a theater hall at the hotel (5 minutes’ walk from the main location), which can be used for items with a longer duration, such as larps.

Dancing studio/Boxing ring

Large room with a mirror wall and the possibility of putting up a boxing ring. Audio equipment is available.

Martials arts training room

Large room with mattresses on the floor (a simple dojo). Perfect for content with a strong physical component. Audio- and video equipment is available.

Swimming pools/spa area

The venue has both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as a large spa area. Please note that we only have exclusive access to this area in the evenings.


The venue has several saunas (normal and infrared) including one small outdoor sauna. Please note that we only have exclusive access to the saunas in the evenings.  

Sports arena (indoors)

A large sports arena that easily fit a couple of hundred people. This is especially suited for larger scale drop-in content. Audio equipment is available.

Room party rooms

The themed rooms used for the room parties at night are available for other types of content during the day. These rather small rooms are excellent for smaller, informal gatherings. The themes for the party rooms will be announced later.

Outdoor areas

The venue has a range of outdoor facilities and recreational areas. Such as a large tent with flooring for movement-based activities and possibly outdoor parties in the evening. A bonfire where you could host a sing-a-long. And enough green recreational areas for a 30 minute walk’n’talk.

Technical equipment available

Expect sound systems and projectors/beamers/presentation screens in all the conference rooms. We will also have some transportable light and sound equipment.

We will have a technical assistant on site to help you get ready for your activity, but don’t expect full tech-support during your content item.

How can we support your content item?

Want to serve participants anything to eat or drink?

Contact us in advance at

Transport of equipment

We have limited possibilities to transport equipment to Vejen. Contact us at if you have any special needs. The chances of us being able to help you increase if we can use your equipment for other activities as well.

Financial support and expenses

We have limited possibilities to pay for materials and equipment. Please write it in the pitch form and contact us at, if you have any special wishes.

Office supplies

We will be able to supply you with materials such as paper, pens, post-its and the like. Please note it in your pitch of your content item or contact us at in advance if you would like this.

Sign up/handling participants

We will have a procedure, for signing up to content items in advance.

We can’t guarantee a precise number of participants and we won’t be able to find participants last-minute in case of people not showing up or dropping out – so we suggest finding your own reserve participants in case you need a specific amount of participants.

If you have any concerns about the number of participants at your content item please contact your assigned editor at