This page contains relevant safety information for participants at Knudepunkt 2023. If you are looking for the way we encourage you to behave and act as a participant at the event, please look at our guide to sustainable participant

We, the organizers, are here for you! We wish to help you the best way possible and therefore we have set some structures in place for how to do just that. We encourage you to read the entire page that follows below. Thank you. 

For KP23 all participants have agreed to having their name put on a list of participants, this list is updated as tickets are sold for the event.

Community hosts and Info desk

At Knudepunkt 2023 there will be community hosts working to help ensure a safe environment for all participants.

If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable at the event, you can find a community host or ask for one at the info desk. 

The community hosts will help solve any issues that should arise during the event, though their primary task will often be of a more ear-lending character. If you feel like you need to talk to someone about anything that bothers or troubles you, the community hosts are here for you. 

If you have more mendable problems (it can be anything from having a bad mattress to needing a quiet place or if something seems off – no concern is too small), the organizers at the Infodesk will help you. We cannot promise you that we can fix everything, but we will do our very best

So please, if possible, raise here-and-now practical problems or concerns to the Infodesk and not the Community Hosts.

The infodesk and the community hosts have quiet rooms available if you need peace and quiet.

Feeling unsafe prior to the event. 

If you for any reason feel unsafe in participating in KP23, please contact us at

When you contact us please include the following in your first email: 

  1. What is your concern – please be specific if possible. If you want someone else to handle your concern with us, we need you to tell us who
  2. Do you have suggestions towards a solution? 
  3. What do you expect/hope we can do about it? 
  4. Do you want a reply from us regarding your concern, or is it only a heads up from you? 

Please be aware that your inquiry might initiate a process of investigation, especially if we need to change anything or put forward sanctions. We kindly ask you to have patience with us as we reach out to relevant parties and take due time to consult within the Safety Group. 

If possible, and necessary, we will try to give you an estimate of how long we will need. But patience is needed regardless. 

This email is checked regularly by the KP23 safety group, consisting of: 

Rasmus Teilmann, Kathrine Abel, Søren Lyng Ebbehøj and a 4th person being announced soon. 

In some cases the main organizer group will need to be informed and get access to information regarding your inquiry to make a decision. If this becomes relevant you will be informed of this. 

The main organizers consists of: Jesper Kristiansen, Rasmus Teilmann, Sofie Liv Støvelbæk, Søren Lyng Ebbehøj og Troels Barkholt-Spangsbo

Organizers as volunteers: 

All organizers of Knudepunkt 2023 are volunteers, and not professional healthcare nor social workers. Please respect that we cannot (and will not) act as if we were professionals, even though we are doing our best in any given situation. If your inquiry is beyond the scope of our abilities we will offer to help you contact relevant professional help.  


If you during the convention need urgent help, an organizer on duty can be reached at all times on a number that will be posted here and in relevant places closer to the event This number is only for absolutely urgent needs or emergencies. 

In case of an emergency such as a fire, someone getting injured or violent criminal activities ect. you should always contact Danish emergency services first, then the organizers second.

Danish emergency services can be reached at 112

Acting under Danish law

While at KP23 in Denmark, all participants are required to adhere to Danish laws. 

Exclusionary behavior 

If you behave in a way that causes damage or harm to the event or its participants we reserve the right to exclude you, as well as if you do not follow directions given to you by the organizers.