Sign-up Terms

Sign-up Terms



After pressing ‘Finding a ticket’ on the webshop, you will be placed in a queue-system (which is unfortunately in danish – but it should be pretty obvious how it functions)

When you enter the site and choose a ticket, it will reserve it until the process is completed, you will then be prompted to fill in some personal information that we need, we will also send out an email later to remind you to fill out the additional information we need at a later date.

This page and Sign-up Procedure contains critical information. Please read them in their entirety before signing up and buying a ticket for Knudepunkt 2023.

Refund policy 

​​Please note that your ticket is personal and non-refundable, however you can resell the ticket if you are unable to participate.

The deadline for reselling and buying your ticket is April 1st 2023. Knutepunkt 2023 cannot be held responsible for any financial losses in this regard.


Knudepunkt 2023 and the organization behind the event, Bifrost, will save the information you give us upon sign-up until three months after Knudepunkt 2023, so we can contact you for the purposes of performing an evaluation, reclaiming lost and found etc.

The information given will be used for running the convention, identifying sign-ups, hosts of content and other preferences, for statistical purposes in anonymized form, and will be shared with our data handlers for the same purposes. The information will be shared with relevant third-parties such as Vejen Idrætscenter for the purpose of running the convention.

For the purpose of creating a safe and inclusive event your name will be made available on a publicly available list of participants. We will not share contact information or other personal information. 

Photo policy 

When you buy a ticket, you accept that photos taken of you at Knudepunkt 2023 (except at times and places specifically marked otherwise) are the property of the photographer and might be published. Photos taken by the organizers of Knudepunkt 2023 or by Bifrost are the property of Bifrost and may be used for any purposes.

However, we expect everyone to be considerate of how and when they photograph participants of Knudepunkt 2023, and only tag themselves in social media posts. If you are in any doubt, whether or not a person will be uncomfortable with the publication of a specific photo, please ask them beforehand. 


We reserve the right to eject you from the event, without any refund of your ticket, if you don’t follow the rules of the event, pose a safety threat for yourself, other participants or the venue.

The same goes if you don’t follow instructions from the organizers of KP23 or the staff of the venue and if you break either our alcohol policy or Danish law.

But don’t worry. Be the nice person we know you are, and everything will be fine.