Sustainability at KP23 and beyond

Sustainability at KP23 and beyond

Sustainability is possibly the greatest challenge facing our generation.

For us as larpers, this means figuring out how to play, meet and create without making too much of a negative impact on the environment, on our community and on each other. In short, we need to make sure that we leave a healthy community for the next generation of larpers. And that we do not destroy the world while we’re at it.

This is our definition of sustainability.


We want to contribute to a sustainable future through a sustainable larp community. We believe that if we can imagine a better world for future generations – through progression, dialogue and experience – we can create it. And in that case, we should.

Changing the way society larp communities and events work and the way we live our lives toward a more sustainable system comes with a series of hard choices and dilemmas. It comes with trade-offs and uncomfortable truths. It comes with an urgent need for learning, improvement and change. 

Change, however, does not happen overnight. We believe sustainability is a process and that Knudepunkt should be a part of that process. 


We believe that sustainability of our community rests on our ability to make progress on three dimensions: 

1) We need to reduce our climate impact. Reducing the use of resources and the carbon footprint of our actions is necessary for tackling the climate and environmental crisis.  

2) It is our responsibility to work on social sustainability – on diversity, equity and inclusion. We need to continue to broaden our level of accessibility and inclusion of all identities and groups, including economic accessibility, in order to obtain a sustainable community.

3) We wish to conserve volunteer resources and take care of our organizers and volunteers. We want to be able to recruit and include new organizers and resupply our energy and motivation for volunteering our time to make our events happen. Also we need to prevent individual burnout and communal withering of organizer power. 

Often these dimensions are contradictory. And thus we use these dimensions as our guiding framework on our journey towards a more sustainable community and world that will still be here when we all retire.

Designing KP23, we have been looking into the actions and responsibilities of both participants and of the organization:

The Sustainable Participant

The Guide to the Sustainable Participant contains our advice and expectations for how participants can contribute to KP23 as a sustainable event across the three dimensions. This includes the classic Code of Conduct regarding social sustainability as well as guides for limiting climate impact and helping us conserve volunteer resources.

Read our Guide to the Sustainable Participant here

The Sustainable Organization

The organization of Knudepunkt drives most of the impact, across all three dimensions of sustainability. We have developed a framework of principles and a list of initiatives guiding our design process of both the organization and the event. This is a work in progress and we will not reach the end goal this time around. Instead we see this as a step in a process, and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you at KP23 and after.