Getting to KP23

Getting to KP23


This page contains information for participants traveling to Knudepunkt by various forms of transportation. Participants’ travels make up an estimated 90 percent of the climate impact of Knudepunkt 2023. We hope you will consider this while planning your travels. 

The nearest station to the location Vejen Idrætscenter is Vejen station

The walk from the station to Vejen Idrætscenter is approx. 20 min. (1,5 km). Alternatively, busses 138, 177, 573, 574, and 576 connects the two. 

More details on bus departures will follow closer to the event.

Arriving by train

You can take the train directly from Copenhagen to Vejen st. It takes approx. 2,5 hours and leaves once pr. hour.

Tickets can be bought directly from this site:

Vejen st. is connected internationally through Kolding st. nearby. The easiest way is to connect through Hamburg central station in Germany and change in Kolding. It takes between 3 and 4 hours from Hamburg to Vejen, depending on transfer time in Kolding.

Tickets can be bought directly from this site:

As we get closer to Knudepunkt, we would like to offer suggested train departures from relevant stations. We encourage you to reach out to fellow participants and plan your travels together. Traveling to and from the event is just as much a part of the Knudepunkt experience, so why not spend the time connecting.

This site will help plan your journey:   

Arriving by car

Parking is free and plentiful at the event.

Please use our Facebook event to connect with other participants for carpooling.

Arriving by plane

We encourage you to not fly to Denmark for Knudepunkt 2023, if you have other options.

We are aware that not everyone has the money and/or time to take the train to and from Denmark, but perhaps it is a possibility for some to only go by plane one way.
If you decide to fly to Denmark, we suggest you find a departure without layovers or as few as possible. Takeoff and landing are big contributors to CO2-emissions, and one layover easily adds 20-40 percent emissions compared to a direct connection for short European trips. If you are traveling from overseas destinations, please note that Knudepunkt 2023 is almost as close to Hamburg as it is to Copenhagen and that the local airport (Billund) has poor public transit connections to Vejen.