About Knudepunkt 2023

About Knudepunkt 2023


Knudepunkt 2023 will take place on the 18th to the 22th of May in Vejen, Denmark.

What is Knudepunkt?

Knutpunkt is an annual conference on larp (live action roleplaying) that travels between Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden each year.

The first Knudepunkt was held in Norway 1997 and has since then functioned as a platform and meeting point for sharing ideas and experiences and creating new perspectives on larps and larp design. It has been a driving force in developing larping as a phenomenon, both professionally and as a hobby. Knudepunkt has expanded rapidly over the last couple of years, with participants joining from more than twenty countries all over the world, it has made the conference a natural focal point for larp theory and design.

Knudepunkt is the historic birthplace of the tradition of Nordic Larp, and the conference still has an emphasis on larp, but content devoted to educational larping, freeform, blackbox larps, game theory and traditional tabletop role-playing are common.

At Knudepunkt you will meet enthusiastic larpers from all around the world, spanning a multitude of genres. You will play, talk, and experiment with a wide selection of themes and areas within larp such as design, theory, mechanics, community, safety, and many more. Through a co-creative and playful approach to sharing expertise, knowledge and know-how Knudepunkt aims to contribute to fun, thoughtful, weird, experimental and cutting edge experiences and exchanges. As a participant you will experience a wide variety of content, created by other participants and you will find yourself humming at rituals, dancing at parties, as well as enrolled in deep discussions and quiet contemplation. Knudepunkt has a multitude of experiences, choosing those that fit you is how the magic happens.

You can read more about the Knudepunkt tradition here.

You can read about how to contribute to Knudepunkt 2023 here


Who organizes Knudepunkt 2023?

Alberte Kvante

Anders Gredal Berner

Ann Christensen 

Charles Bo Nielsen

Christian Østerby Elleby

Christinna Beeken

Eva Mærsk

Hilde Amalie Koch 

Jesper Kristiansen

Kathrine Abel

Lasse Lund Skovsgaard

Liv Hernø-Toftild

Maria Østerby Elleby

Marie Holm-Andersen 

Martin Andreas Dahl Sinding 

Nadia Herbst

Natascha Lerche-Jensen

Naya Marie Nord

Ninna Glatved Brink

Rasmus Teilmann

Rebecca Møller Alkjær

Sofie Liv Støvelbæk

Tjalfe Valdemar Bodholdt Chessni

Troels Barkholt-Spangsbo